Things To Do In & Around Solapur

Solapur is situated on the junction of three states – Maharashtra, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh (now Telangana). All these states exert an equal amount of influence on the city and it’s culture. This makes people of Marathi, Kannada, Telugu, Tamil & many different origins co-exist in Solapur.


The ‘Gadda Yatra’ festival is celebrated every year during Makarsankranti in Solapur.

During this time, Shivayogi Siddharameshwar’s devotees congregate at the Siddheshwar temple. The city celebrates this festival with floral street decorations, fireworks, a cattle fair & a huge Gadda Fair at the ‘Homa Maidan’.

Hurda Party

Hurda means pre-stage of Jowar. In December – January, farmers celebrate Hurda Party at their farms around Solapur. This is a famous event in Solapur. There are many Hurda Party organizers who arrange group picnics for a day.


While shenga chutney, shenga poli & kadak bhakari are legends, there are other Solapur favorites you won’t find anywhere. The pani-puri and bhel are very unique in Solapur. Disco Bhaji & KT (tea on tea stalls) are other Solapur specialties.


Solapur is a textile hub. Solapuri chadars and towels are world famous & people coming to Solapur always shop for the chadars, blankets & Terry Towels. Being close to Karnataka & Andhra Pradesh, Solapur also has shops selling exquisite handloom silk sarees.

Places in Solapur

Siddheshwar-Temple-of-SolapurSiddheshwar Temple: It is the oldest temple built in 12th century. It’s architecture is really wonderful with medieval period engineering. Temple is situated at the centre of the lake. Boating availability makes tour of lake memorable.

Hutatma chowk SolapurHutatma Chowk: It is a memorial honoring the freedom fighters from Solapur who were sentenced to death during the Indian independence movement.

bhuikotBhuikot Castle: This was built in 15th century during the bahamani period. The fort houses a temple, which attracts thousands of visitors.

Places around Solapur

Akkalkot: 39 km
Tuljapur: 46 km
Pandharpur: 70 km
Akluj: 120 km
Barshi: 65 km
Gangapur: 110 km
Bijapur: 100 km
Shirdi: 310 km
Latur: 110 km
Kolhapur: 240 km